Sobyanin opened the first section of the Great Metro Ring Line

On the station there are stations “Petrovsky Park”, “CSKA”, “Khoroshevskaya”, “Shelepikha” and “Business Center”

MOSCOW: Shahid Ghuman/  Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and the Russian president’s special envoy for environmental issues Sergey Ivanov took part in the opening of the first five stations of the Grand Circle Line of the Moscow Metro (BKL) on Monday.

“This is one of the largest metro lines in the world,” Sobyanin said at the opening. According to him, within the next four to five years, all other stations of the Grand Ring Line will be built. Sobyanin noted that the new metro line will cover the middle parts of Moscow and unload the existing subway lines. During the ceremony, the mayor thanked the builders for their hard work and handed some of them city awards.

Thus, now the number of Moscow metro stations has reached 212, and the length of the lines is about 360 km. The station “Petrovsky Park”, “CSKA”, “Khoroshevskaya”, “Shelepikha” and “Business Center” were opened on the 10.5 km stretch. Four stations of the new metro station have two vestibules. From the station “Business Center” it will be possible to get into the zone of the shopping center “Afimall” and to other objects “Moscow City”.

Four of these stations will be interchange. So, from the “Business Center” BKL it will be possible to switch to the Solntsevskaya line with the same name and the “Exhibition” of the Filevskaya Line, Shelepikha BKL will be a transfer station with the same name station of the Moscow Central Ring, and Khoroshevskaya will have a transplant with the Polezhaevskaya Station of the Tagansko- Krasnopresnenskaya line. Transplantation between the stations “Petrovsky Park” and “Dinamo” Zamoskvoretskaya line will be opened later, while there continues work on the construction of an inclined transition.

Directly in the future ring will include stations “Petrovsky Park”, “CSKA” and “Khoroshevskaya”, and the station “Shelepikha” and “Business Center” will become from him a branch in the direction of the complex “Moscow City”. It is expected that the opening of the first section of the BCL will increase the transport accessibility of the five districts of Moscow, in which more than 480 thousand people live. Also, transportation services will be improved for such popular facilities as the business center “Moscow City”, the stadiums “Dynamo” and CSKA, the sports palace “Megasport”.

The BCL on the subway circuit will receive the eleventh number. Now this number has been built almost half a century ago Kakhovskaya line, which in the future will be part of the Big Ring of the Metro. Upon completion of construction, the length of the ring will be about 67 km. On the new ring line there will be 18 intersections with the operating metro lines, seven – with radial directions of the railways and two – with MZK.

A reserve for the construction of radial lines
As noted by the deputy mayor of Moscow Marat Khusnullin, BKL will not only reduce the burden on existing metro stations, but also form a large reserve for the future development of the subway. In particular, from the ring it is planned to stretch three new radial branches of the metro.

“We are planning to build the Rublevo-Arkhangelsk line, which will start from the station of the BKL” Street of the People’s Militia “, and from the station” Novatorov Street “the line to Kommunarka and Troitsk will stretch, and a promising line is being developed in the areas East and West Biryulyovo and Shcherbinka from station “Klenovy Boulevard.” Thanks to the construction of these three lines, residents of 16 districts of Moscow will get access to the metro, “he stressed.

Earlier, Khusnullin reported that in 2018 in Moscow will open more than 20 new metro stations and three depots. The length of the lines will be more than 50 km.

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