The 13th edition of festival adrar boulmane 2017

By Sara Saaudi Reporter World Point TV
The city of boulmane‬‏ was celebrated from 3 to 6 August , 2017, the 13th edition of the Adrar Festival. Organized by the Association of Adrar boulmane‬‏ with the support of the Ministry of the Interior and the destination of Fez Meknes, the regional council of , boulmane‬‏ the land group of boulmane‬‏ . Under the slogan of the mountain and the opportunity of the regional plan for development, this festival aims to contribute to the definition of Amazigh cultural and artistic skills and encourage professional and amateur artists through participation to define their creativity.
Mr. mohand laenser and his accompanying delegation, together with Pasha of boulmane, the Mayor of boulmane‬‏, civil and military personalities and the director of the festival and the media, . The occasion was to give the official launch of the local products exhibition. This exhibition is an opportunity to offer investment opportunities offered by the region ,
And immediately after the opening was moved to the tent for the celebration and the awarding of prizes to the youth of the winners in the League of Karate
Mr. mohand laenser and the official delegation had a date with a musical evening for Ahidos group, singers Aghin Afran and the great artist Aisha tachinwit, who celebrated the audience with its Amazigh Soush folk songs, African songs for Togo / Congo, Enschede from Imozar Kender and Faiza Atlas, Which was performed by Ahidos, Raïs Essam Rai and the Rikdah Women’s Ensemble from Oujda, the artist Said Kabachi, and Enschede Sefrou, and the distinguished folk artist Abdelaziz Al-Satati, who sung with a bouquet of his most famous songs, The night of the Adrar Festival, which turns off this session, is celebrated in the middle of the municipal stadium. The closing ceremony was a variety of the art of Ahidos Kiko and the art of Rai for Tawfik Wanshaden group of Ghrouan and the desert artist Saida charaf, which ignited the stage of boulmane‬‏ and drew the audience with its finest songs and Amazigh songs Khadija and the Saoudi artist. The audience, which includes the different age groups of the residents of boulmane‬‏ and its visitors, continued to admire the pioneers of these diverse arts and touched on the good performance of the participating teams. Which enabled them more to recognize the diversity of Morocco and rich cultural and cultural
The director of the festival, Mohammed Dish, told us that the organization of this festival is part of the definition of the heritage, culture and heritage that is rich in the city of Pullman and Mr. Abdullah oujjari President of the Association said ’’ the Adrar festival seeks to satisfy the various tastes, And rich paragraphs of his program. And the logistical and technical capabilities of the festival managemen.

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