GO HYRBYAR GO, GO BRAHAMDAGH GO, GO MEHRAN GO raised from biggest capital of Europe, Moscow

By Shahid Ghuman, Photos Mian Shamas Correspondent World Point News

Moscow: Today Pakistani Community Russia (Mil Ker Pakistan) hosted get together in honour of Dr Juma Khan Marri to welcome him on his defection from so-called Baloch Independence movement. As a gesture of unity & solidarity , President Pakistan Community Russia Malik Shahbaz and Vice President Chaudry Zahid went to an extent that they offered Dr Jumma Khan Marri Chairmanship of their organisation , which Dr Jumma Khan Marri accepted during his short but very aggressive speech.

Slogans of Go Brahamdagh Go , Go Hyrbyar Go & Go Mehran Go were raised when Dr Juma Khan Marri in his speech requested complete overseas Pakistani communities in Europe to get united and get over with slogans of go Nawaz & Imran and just focus on these Indian Paid so-called Baloch leaders for sending them to India from where they belong.

In his message to all innocent and misguided Baloch brothers on political asylum abroad, he requested them to open up their eyes and see that how much support / love he is getting from Pakistanis abroad / back home. He asked them that ” would you all want to get this respect & love ..OR.. would you like to serve these Indian paid personalities through out your life and will not even be blessed with grave in your motherland.

Dr Jumma Khan Marri said that he is really grateful to Pakistani & Russian International Media , different social media groups / pages and all those on social media who help in spreading his announcement of 17th Feb 2018 all across the world. He said that the movement against these anti-Pakistan elements already gained momentum and he is getting lot of support from Baloch diaspora abroad. He said that if Pakistani public and media keeps on supporting them , soon they with the help of Overseas Pakistani Communities will be able to kick out these disgruntled so-called baloch leaders from Europe to India, the nationality they have opted for.

Dr Jumma khan Marri also specifically appreciated (in Russian language) Russian International News Sputnik for showing the world true face of so-called Baloch indepence movement and exposing Indian involvement & motives through his last night published interview.

The event ended with national anthem of Pakistan & slogans of ” PAKISTAN ZINDABAD”.



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