In preparation for the festival of elegance and creativity in the city of Oujda, Casting elegance and creativity travel to casablanca city.

By Sara Saoudi World Point TV
After the success achieved by Casting Nabil Mode in its second session in the city of Oujda, the Orient Colors Association for Culture and Development organized under the supervision of a3s création Casting elegance and creativity in Casablanca on Saturday 27 January 2018.
The organizing committee selected Lebanese artist Wissam Amir, composer and distributor Hamid Al-Daousi, designer Nabil “Qarbouch” mode, designer Abdelwahab Bnhdo AB Luxury, exhibitor Kholoud Bouzine, Makeup Artist Marwa Belhsin M’Art, to be members of the jury of the competition.
The castings were attended by a number of prominent personalities including actress Salwa Zainoun, actress Sana Bahaj, star academy Sakina Shakawi, artist Hajar Amani, designer Sana Bouzawi, designers Zubaida Bourigat, Halima Lamir, Sofana Benyahia art jewels, , Halo Mariam, Gita Benjelloun, and the young journalist Hania kassoumi.
In addition to a number of young men and women who wish to participate in the Festival of elegance and creativity, these participants expressed their admiration for casting that will give them the opportunity to appear in order to highlight their talents as well as develop their skills in the field of fashion shows locally, nationally and internationally.
The second edition of the Festival of Elegance and Creativity will be held in April to mark the continuation of the festival, which has undertaken to renew the festival and contribute to its recognition as a cultural heritage.

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