Fashion Week world Paris competes with fashion shows in Paris

PARIS – This month, the French capital, Paris, is witnessing a very important fashion and fashion event. Preparations for World Fashion Week – Paris – have been underway for several months now. “Fashion Week World Paris” will be one of Paris’ most prestigious fashion shows, organizers said. Where it begins on 25 January.

The event will be attended by some of the most famous Arab designers including ROSHMODE, a Saudi Arabian designer, and Munira Al-Subaie, owner of Meno Fashion House, designed by Um Talal, owner of fashion house OTSTYLE, fashion designer Nadia Motafhi and Bahraini designer Khuloud Al Mulla, For fashion.

Several designers and artists will be honored as the fashion ambassadors of the year.

The head of the company, Rushdi Bakhshosh, said the aim of the event was to define the global media of the Arab designer and highlight Arab designs that compete globally and sometimes outperform foreign designs. The head of the organizing company said that much effort had been made to make the event a success, which he considered a major challenge.

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