Earthquake in Iran-Iraq border, tremors felt in UAE

Web Report/Dubai
Several residents took to social media to inform others about the tremors

Several UAE residents took to social media late Sunday night saying that they have felt some tremors corresponding to an earthquake.

According to multiple users on Twitter, they felt the ground trembling for a brief period and are asking if others have also experienced it. Users from several parts of the country say that the tremors were felt not only in Dubai, but also in the Reem Island district of Abu Dhabi.

“I was having dinner when I felt the ground shake a bit,” a Dubai resident told KT. “My wife felt it too. We rushed down as soon as we felt the tremors,” he added.

“We felt a minor quake,” added a resident of Reem Island, Abu Dhabi.

‘I felt a minor earthquake in my building in Deira,’ a KT reader said. Another resident also said that the tremors were felt in Discovery Gardens.

Sharjah residents also felt the tremors. KT reader Ashraq said that he felt the earthquake in the Al Nahda area; reader Samreena also chimed in and confirmed that she felt the tremors in the emirate.



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