Deva “Samira Said” concludes the events of the Meknes Festival

By Sara Saoudi Chief Reporter of WORLD POINT TV
Moroccan singer Samira Said celebrated the closing ceremony of the second session of the Meknes Festival on Friday evening, 27 October 2017, in the covered hall on the 20th of August, amidst a large presence of local fans of Samira Said. In the presence of a large audience from different regions of Morocco and abroad, especially the Moroccan community, Diva presented a series of her most timeless songs (Habib Albi, Habit Hawaak …), which was famous for her great response by the audience who echoed the song with great harmony, Samira appeared in an elegant and distinguished appearance, and saw the evening as well as an artistic presentation of the creative artist Issam Haji, who drowned the audience Almknasi to the depths of the realms of art.
It is noteworthy that the ceremony was known as an organized security organization in which the security state of Meknes contributed to all of its apparatuses in a strong and significant manner, without forgetting the great role of the auxiliary forces, local authorities and private security men, as well as the civil protection personnel who watched the evening in the best conditions.

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