Mona Al Mansouri is the designer of the year in the UAE

Mona Al Mansouri, the designer of the year 2017 in the UAE, was selected by International Fashion Week at a fashion show held at the Palm Island in Dubai.

Al Mansouri said in a statement to Emirates News that she was delighted to have her second appearance at the Dubai World Fashion Week. “This is my second participation after I was 4 years ago. I am very happy to be at this event, “He said.

“There are 20 models wearing 30 pieces of my distinctive Moroccan design. I am categorically designed in my style. I love Moroccan work, but in a sophisticated way other than the traditional Moroccan style.”

She added: “I added to the back of the dresses, gave her something new distinctive, for the cuts and colors were new unconventional also.”

“Seven pieces of Moroccan dress are designed, there are evening dresses, engagement dresses and 3 wedding dresses,” she said. “For the wedding dresses she designed them simply. Girls are now more simple and prefer light work so they can move and dance.”

“Today we have a distinguished presence of artists from Bollywood and the press, designers from Indonesia, India, Pakistan and students from the American University, and the attendees were the Emirati makeup expert, Shamil, who specialized in bridal makeup at the head of the tent and as a supporter of the women I liked to participate in the International Fashion Week, International, and I designed wedding dresses and made wedding make-up. ”

Al-Mansouri added: “I have an invitation from the Government of France, from the municipality of Paris in particular, on the 16th of the month of 12, and I have a few days later, on the second of next month, a show in a lady’s check in Abu Dhabi, A wedding dress, as Miss Kosovo will wear a wedding dress. ”

While talking to founder and managing director Cheryle Dias said that our hard work and innovative ideas for IFWD is paying off and we everyone can see huge success of IFWD..launch of international fashion awards was an amazing experience and world renowned designers and fashion industry’s leaders were awarded such as Mona Al mansion..Agatha Ruiz De La Prada..Derek Khan…Elle Arabia..Nada Kabbani were few… She said we also launched Young designers competition to support upcoming designers which will be a regular feature of the show.

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