The press conference of festival Meknes in its second session

By Sara Saoudi Chief Reporter World Point News
The festival of Meknes will take place from October 20 to 27, the Meknes Festival in its second session. This heritage, cultural and sports event will witness the presence and balance of a group of great artists who are considered a quality addition and opening to Meknes in the words of one of the organizers. , Said that the first session of this festival was a great success for most of the audience and received the admiration of the guests and gave a real picture of the city of Meknes known for its diversity of cultures and areas of interest of the population.
In the presence of local, national and international media outlets, as well as institutional and media partners, on Thursday, October 19, at the Municipal Palace Meeting Room, Ms. Asma Khoja, Director of the Festival accompanied by Mr. Bashir Albadi, Head of the Cultural Department, presented the detailed program of the festival,
After hearing the intervention of the Director of the festival, during which the General Program took place, she pointed to the most important steps that the organizers started to make for the success of the second session. A number of questions were asked about the problems faced by the journalists during their media duties in the festival. The participants in the seminar presented clarifications about the journalists’ questions and interventions about the festival. The seminar expressed its gratitude and pride for the media work provided by the media partners and their serious role. Responsible for the success of the second session and made a special invitation to all journalists attending the symposium to cover the rest of the festival.

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