The second session of Meknes Festival

By Sara Saoudi Chief Reporter of World Point News

The second edition of Meknes Festival will be organized by the Meknes Group from October 20 to 27, 2017, for the success of its first version of the historical significance of Meknes, Morocco. The city is tourism as a tributary of the tributaries of the economic and social development of the Kingdom.
The second edition of the Meknes Festival will be held in partnership with local and national public institutions, established by civil society and following up on international, national and local media platforms. According to a diverse program that includes intellectual and cultural seminars, forums and exhibitions for cooperatives and associations, as well as sports and drama activities, performances for children and students, and tours.
The “Meknes Festival” evening will also feature evening events that will create the event through the participation of prominent Moroccan artists, the presence of promising local youth talents and talents, Amazigh joy, and also colorful collections of Sufi, Andalusian, Malhoun and Issaoua. Where the historical and cultural qualifications of the Ismaili capital will be known.
The organizers of this festival aspire to introduce the city of Meknes, which has a long history recognized as a world heritage, and to preserve the cultural heritage of this city, which plays an important role in the preservation of the Moroccan identity, contributes to economic and social development and places the Moroccan city of Meknes in a position worthy of it .

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