The UAE fashion market is booming .. Women’s boyfriend’s boyfriend rival!

By Shahid Ghuman WORLD POINT TV

Fashion is often an expression of the peculiarity of the place. It smells of countryside and cities, and we also know the distant countries. We say “Emirati costume” or “Moroccan costume” or “world costume.” Because fashion is an art, innovation and profession, The heritage of the community It was no surprise that in the UAE, specialized design institutes were established, and it was not strange that the most important fashion fairs and festivals were held. The UAE was able to make women an important part of the fashion industry, On the man.

Because of the multiplicity of cultures and the opening of cities to the global market, the fashion industry has flourished and we have heard about designers who have achieved local, Arab and international presence and have begun to compete with the most important male fashion designers.

The question is: What factors helped the UAE fashion design boom between men and women? To what extent did women achieve their own potential in this field, and what is the role of cultural diversity and multinationals in enriching the design sector?

On the Prosperity of the Fashion Market Foucía had the following survey:

Amazing market

The UAE has a cultural heritage and openness to different nationalities. It also has a unique diversity of designers with cultural backgrounds and traditions that have chosen Dubai as a destination for their brands, which is a key incentive to enrich the design sector, said international designer Julian McDonald to Fuchia while in Abu Dhabi, “The fashion market in the Middle East, especially in the UAE, is spectacular, because fashion is both a man’s and a mirror’s concern,” he said. “This has encouraged me to bid in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and plan to be here permanently.”

MacDonald finds that the privacy of the people in this region lies in the attention to their elegance and appearance. It is therefore very natural that the market for fashion, hairdressing and perfumery flourishes. He pointed out that what he saw was: “The true view of this society, which cares more about fashion and the latest Shouts “.

“The most important feature of women is ambiguity. No one knows what to wear under the long cloak,” said McDonald. “Haute couture may be the most prominent brand, but all indications are that she is interested in fashion, makeup, perfumes and shoes.” Ambiguity is what distinguishes this region of the world, which has been attracting people for centuries.

McDonald’s has witnessed a boom in the fashion market, especially in recent years, which has become an economic and aesthetic support for the UAE society, alongside the presence of women and men in the field of design and work, which is a real competition between women and men, which led to more creativity and innovation.

The majority are women

UAE fashion designer Mona Al Mansouri believes that fashion design has always been associated with men in most countries, but in the UAE, the largest proportion of fashion designers, whether Abaya or Haute Couture, are women. “The profession is a real competition between women and men, Kanoo were the ones who mistrusted her, but the support and empowerment of women in the UAE gave her confidence in herself and made her run in this field, which led to an increase in the proportion of women designers to become higher than men.

Al Mansouri said that the reason for the facilities provided by the UAE is a tourist and economic excellence, and has an important center in the world and therefore we see the prosperity of this profession because of the facilities granted to all.

Al-Mansouri pointed out that: “The design profession did not exist in the past but existed in a simple folkloric manner that is consistent with social events such as weddings, births and holidays. Today, technological and cultural openness and media outlets contributed to the flourishing of this profession and led to rapid development and openness to the world. That festivals and fashion markets have contributed significantly to the exchange of experiences and the development of aesthetic taste.

“Many Asian and European countries rely on fashion to support their economy. The fashion world is now integrating art worlds with art, painting, promotion, design, music and accessories, all of which increased competition and creativity.”

“Because fashion is a culture and civilization, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has launched a full-fledged Dubai Design City, which focuses on design from international fashion shows, student colleges, and institutes. And fashion weeks, and this attracted all the world’s designers, to become the UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a true platform for fashion and art. ”

“It is enough that fashion is a source of beauty, art and an endless world of creativity and unlimited development of culture and civilization. Design is a universal language,” she concluded.

Unlimited support

Emirati designer Omar bin Khudeya said that the UAE’s fashion market is booming due to several reasons. The first is the availability of platforms and institutions that support the talents of young people and help them develop and educate them in the field of trade and how to transform their talent into a source of income and investment. Grandpa, the spread of the culture of business and the start ups has led to an increase in the number of local designers and fashion brands.

“Shopping festivals are one of the most important reasons for the growth of tourism in the UAE. There is a global demand for popular dress in the UAE and the Gulf countries,” he said. “We recently saw the Abayas set by the Italian Dolce & Gabbana! This is certainly an important incentive for UAE youth to invest in their talents. ”


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