Wafaa LAHLAH wins the award of the best designer of the year in Michigan and obtains an Oscar 2017.

By Shahid Ghuman  WORLD POINT TV

A seamstress, Wafaa LAHLAH has been passionate about sewing since she was a little girl. Cradled from her childhood by the purring of her mother’s machine, she inculcates the love of applied work. Thanks to the family talent, Wafaa LAHLAH is a gift for sewing and creation. A gift that will become, over the years, a true passion. “I was sure to embark on a career in Haute Couture,” she says. After a diploma in ready-to-wear, she decided to deepen her knowledge in the field of fashion and made a BTS of modeling design at INFP (National Institute of Vocational Training) of Oran. Wafaa LAHLAH will finish his promotion. Entrepreneurial and ambitious woman, at the age of 24, she creates her own sewing school, her workshop and will continue to create sublime Haute Couture collections. Her talent is such that she is solicited by Algerian television to give sewing classes.

After having toured Algeria, with several fashion shows, she landed in France in 2005, she took part in the International Craft Fair in Nancy, then decided to settle in Paris, her first fashion show Will be present at the VIANEY trade fair with its partner Muriel TREUBA, director of the MISSTINGUETTS agency. Some months later she participates with her collection to the casting of miss India France in Paris. In 2007, her fashion show at the Hotel BRISTOL in Paris Been very eloquent for his creativity and his research.

Wafaa LAHLAH seeks to ensure that each of her creations reveals the idea of research, the discovery, the trick of a cup, the alliance of unexpected fabrics that can give the outfits a unique character. Admirer of Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, Wafaa likes to decorate her models of peacock feathers, snake skin, shells, copper, pearls and aluminum materials. I want to end up with a rainbow of creativity between the continents. In 2009, she bracketed her career to give birth to her boys and devote herself to her home. Since 2012, she has participated in numerous events in France, such as Fashion Night Couture, House of fashion and design, Gala Black & White and also on the African continent, she participates in FIMA (International Festival of African Fashion in Niamey).

Wafaa LAHLAH, works as a sales consultant for major brands, in Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and Franck & Fils, in order to better understand customer demand, she finds it very instructive for her.

Wafaa LAHLAH continues to perfect herself by love for her profession, following training courses at the AICP (International Academy of the Coupe de Paris) and at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.

January 2017, Wafaa LAHLAH, was invited by Miss United Nations Cherrie GEARHEART to present her collection in Chicago, she is being spotted by organizers of the Red Carpet Documentary AWARDS in Chicago, Sandra SMITH DOGHMI and Shelley GERNIGAN PEKALA , admiring her gift of creativity, she is being offered to participate in the contest Of the best designer of the year 2017 in RCCI Michigan, on February 19, 2017, Wafaa LAHLAH wins the award of the best designer of the year in Michigan and obtains an Oscar Related Awards.

Wafaa LAHLAH is determined to contribute in her own way, and in the field of art that is her own, to a cultural rapprochement between the continents.

She caresses the dream of creating her own Haute Couture house in Paris. She intends to be recognized in the cenacle of international fashion. A bet that she intends to take.

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