Nation won’t forgive NAB chairman for giving clean-chit to Zardari: Imran

CHAKWAL: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran on Tuesday said the nation would not forgive the chairman of The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for giving “clean-chit” to Asif Zardari.

“Who doesn’t know Zardari looted the country?” he asked while addressing a party workers.

He said corruption was the biggest issue of Pakistan where 1000 billion rupees are stolen and sent abroad each year.

He said” “a country without resources loses it respects, and when respect is gone a man like Donald Trump start praising India instead of Pakistan for all the sacrifices it rendered (in the war against terrorism,”.

“Today Allah has given an opportunity to change Pakistan’s destiny. You have to change it for the sake of future of your children,” the PTI chairman said.

Addressing the women workers, he said law should protect the women, and promised to help women get their inheritance rights of women.

Commenting on the upcoming by-election in the National Assembly constituency NA-120, Imran Khan said the results of the polls would show whether nation stands by the judiciary or the “biggest robber of Pakistan”.

“A decisive election is going to be held in Lahore, this election would decide nation stands by its court,” the former cricket hero said.

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