“A strong & clear message by Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity (OPBU) and Pakistani Community Russia (Mil Ker Pakistan) to all Anti-Pakistan elements especially PTM on its subversive campaign against Pakistan”

By Shahid Ghuman
Moscow :- A gathering / Aftar Cum Dinner  was organised by President Pakistani Community Russia Malik Shahbaz and founder OPBU Dr Juma Khan Marri in honour of Mir Hazar Khan Marri, who arrived Moscow for the first time after his son’s announcement of disassociation from so-called Baloch Separatist movement. Gathering was attended by sizeable members of Pakistani community residing in Russia. While addressing media local representatives present on the occasion,  Mir Hazar khan Marri , Dr Juma Khan Marri , Malik Shahbaz , Chaudry Zahid and Imtiaz Chandio strongly condemned ongoing subversive campaign against Pakistan. While addressing media Mir Hazar Khan Marri gave a call to all Baloch Nationalists within Pakistan to lay down their weapons. He also invited overseas Baloch Nationalists for negotiations and joining back Pakistan mainstream. Dr Juma Khan Marri while speaking to media said that he will visit different countries of Europe in mid-july to launch OPBU branches and inviting all misguided Balochs back to Pakistan mainstream. During the gathering special prayers were offered for Pakistan’s peace and prosperity.

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