Mrs India Dubai International 2014 to Mrs India International 2018

By Qaiser Chattha bureau Chief World Point News
Dubai: Kareena Gehi Bhatia from being a daughter, sister, wife and a mother is also an Entrepreneur. Started her journey in 2014 wen won the 1st title if Mrs India Dubai international. Then became the director of Mrs India dubai international pageant. Today became the the queen of Mrs India international and will represent India on the international platform on 21st July in Virginia. Being a role model to many women there is something that she likes to do is charity. Work for women empowerment. In today’s time wen the world has changed so much there is still a gap which we all need to fill is to give equal respect to women. Today women are no less then men in every aspect, they very well balance their life’s, from a family life to a working life and then to follow and achieve your dreams. Today even the Indian government has taken the initiative of spreading the word of beti bachao beti padao, means save the girl child and educate the girl child. Y is it that even today we see so many cases happening around us, we all need to come forward to make this strong chain so girls are respected in society and are given equal status as men so that we can make this world a better place to live in.


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