Imran Khan lays out 11-point agenda for ‘Naya Pakistan’

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has vowed to fight for the rights of the people of the country ‘till the last drop of his blood’.

Addressing a massive rally at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore, he said the nation had never disappointed him and assisted him during ups and downs of his life and he too will reciprocate the gesture, Express Newsreported.

Imran thanked the party workers and supporters for turning out in large numbers to witness the ‘historic’ gathering.

An aerial view of PTI rally. PHOTO: ONLINE

The PTI chief presented the party’s 11-point agenda for Naya (new) Pakistan, which according to him will help elevate living standards of the masses.

These are as follows:

1. Reforming the country’s health and education system
2. Debt repayment, no to external debt
3. Control over corruption and money laundering; strengthening of state institutions, judiciary
4. Investment, subsidies on gas and electricity
5. Low-cost housing, enhance tourism
6. Agriculture reforms: universities and modern farming
7. Provincial autonomy
8. South Punjab province, merger of FATA into K-P
9. Strengthen local bodies, 10 billion trees to be planted across Pakistan
10. Police reforms in Punjab and elsewhere, dispute resolution in police stations
11. Women empowerment


A large number of people, including women and youth participated in the PTI gathering at the Minar-e-Pakistan.

Many youngsters were seen going to the venue on motorcycles from different parts of the city. Talking to The Express Tribune, Shahbaz, a resident of Johar Town, said that he was going to the PTI rally to see Imran Khan speak.

“He is a true leader and I am going there to support his cause,” he said, adding that he was eager to hear the Kaptan’s plan for the upcoming general elections.


Dozens of youth could be seen in different areas wearing caps of the PTI as well as holding flags of the party. Another group of youngsters, on the Canal Road, were of the view that youth was the real strength of the PTI.

Amir Ali, one of the youngsters, said that he had registered himself as a member of the party and he was going to the venue to support his party. “I am a college student and I don’t see a future for myself after studies. Only true change can save this country and the future of many youths like myself,” he said.

The group said that they would rendezvous with their friends and then head for the event.

Many such scenes could be seen in different parts of the city at around noon. Apart from the residents of the city, many youngsters from other parts of the country, especially adjacent areas also came for the PTI gathering in caravans.

Muhammad Ali, a resident of Sheikhpura, was one such youth who came to see the PTI gathering with his friends. He said that he was not a member of the party, however, he was interested in seeing the Jalsa and what Imran Khan had to say.

The PTI also expected a large number of women to participate in the gathering. For this, a separate area was designated for the female supporters of the party at the venue of the gathering.

A supporter of the party, Mehwish, enthusiastically waited in a queue to get into the venue. She said that she only came to see Imran Khan. “I am a big fan of Khan and I came here to support his cause,” she said. She was also wearing a PTI cap and had her face painted with the party flag. “I came here prepared,” she said pointing to snacks and water bottles.

Another party supporter, Tayyaba, also shared the same sentiments. She said that she believed that Pakistan had only a single honest politician. She said that Imran Khan had struggled all his life to bring change to Pakistan and she wanted to support his cause. “I have convinced my whole family to vote for Khan,” she added.

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