Football world cup 2018 security briefing to immigrants organised by federation of immigrants Russia

Repoert By:  Ejaz Ahmed tabassum and AK Rath Correspondents World Point TV Moscow 
Moscow: Meeting in regard of Russia’s Mega event’ World Cup FIFA 2018′ was held with representatives of the Russian Interior Ministry. Vadim Viktorovich, chairman of the Federation of Immigrants, organized the meeting. The community heads of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Africa, Georgia, and Iran attended the meeting on special invitation of VadimViktorovich ,Mr. Habib Shah, Chairman of the Community of Pakistan in Russia, Vice President Mahboob Bhatti, General Secretary Abdul Khaliq Rath and Coordinator Ejaz Ahmad Tabassum attended the meeting to represent Pakistan . The meeting was emphasized that the residents belonging to other countries living in Russia will have to take special care, not to face any difficulty, on which all the heads assured their full support and appreciate the special effort to bring all representative on one table. World point representatives Ejaz Ahmed Tabassum and Abdul Khaliq Rath were also present there to cover that meeting where they met with various heads of countries and interviewed them.

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