In celebration of International Women’s Day, Najat Rajoui artist Nouamane Belaiachi and comedian Yassar lemghari will perform an artistic evening.

By Sara Saoudi As part of the annual celebration of International Women's Day, which falls on 8 March each year, the LEOM Agency will host a musical concert at the Mohammed VI Theater in Oujda on Thursday, 8 March 2018. The ceremony, organized in partnership with the Mohammed VI Theater, aims to

In preparation for the festival of elegance and creativity in the city of Oujda, Casting elegance and creativity travel to casablanca city.

By Sara Saoudi World Point TV After the success achieved by Casting Nabil Mode in its second session in the city of Oujda, the Orient Colors Association for Culture and Development organized under the supervision of a3s création Casting elegance and creativity in Casablanca on Saturday 27 January 2018. The organizing committee